We all have stories we will never tell
I wont be using tumblr these days because of the situation in my country. #PrayForVenezuela (Please reblog)

I’m in tears, I’m in shock and I’m devastated. 

If you don’t know what’s going on in my country, It’s not an odd thing. Because we, our own citizens don’t know either. Government censored the TV, they took news channels (internationals) out of air and the nationals channels don’t show what’s happening. Our only way to know is through twitter and social media.

People died, there’s a lot of people missing and being injured by our own policies, army and militaries just because they are fighting in the streets for our rights. And nobody knows this. It’s happening all around my country and in a few blocks from my house. The worst thing? The government blames us for this because they manipulate the news.

In Venezuela, we don’t live, we survive, we don’t have food, we thank God everyday we get home because we didn’t get killed today outside or EVEN inside our own classroom at school, we don’t have the money to buy things because everything is so expensive since the government is taking all the money, and the people who have money leaves the country, because the only future in Venezuela, is to leave Venezuela.

I’m going to show some pictures of what’s really happening. 

"You shoot who you swore to protect."
February, 2014. Venezuela

(Says: Are you shooting to the ones you sworn to protect)

Te peleamos o te perdemos mi Venezuela?

(Says: Venezuela, if we fail, we will lose you)

Together we can make a difference. 

Pray for Venezuela.

_MG_9605 on Flickr.4:28 PM en Maracaibo, Venezuela
13 de Febrero 2014

(Useless government)

Recuerda querido amigo Policía o GN, TU Y YO SOMOS IGUALES, de carne y hueso, con sentimientos, pero sobretodo DE UN MISMO PAIS !

Venezuela febrero 2014


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